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Whoop 4.0 with free Annual (12 Months) Membership

Whoop 4.0 with free Annual (12 Months) Membership

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What is the WHOOP Device?
The WHOOP device is similar to a wristwatch that many athletes always wear due to its great ability to provide accurate measurements of vital body functions.

Benefits of the WHOOP Device

Measuring Body Energy
The WHOOP device helps measure body energy and gives alerts in three colors, each with a specific indication, as shown below:

• Green: Indicates balanced body energy and readiness for exercise.
• Yellow: Indicates low body energy and an inability to handle excessive effort.
• Red: Warns that you should stop exercising because your body is overworked.

Measuring Heart Rate
The WHOOP device plays a significant role in accurately measuring heart rate in all life situations, showing the number of beats during rest, training, and sleep.

Measuring Respiration
Athletes wear the WHOOP device during training or competitions because it helps accurately measure the respiratory rate and calculate the oxygen level in the blood.

Calorie Counting
The WHOOP device helps count the calories the body needs throughout the day based on weight, height, and physical activity, and it measures the rate of calorie burning during exercise.

Measuring Body Temperature
The WHOOP device can measure skin temperature, which slightly increases during exercise.

Monitoring Sleep
The WHOOP device monitors the number of hours of sleep a person gets each night and alerts if the body needs additional rest. It also tracks nap hours and provides detailed sleep information.

Stress and Tension
The device displays stress and tension levels throughout the day, helping you be aware when your stress levels rise.

Sharing with Friends and Competing with Them
The device’s app includes a special section for creating groups among friends or based on your country and viewing daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

Battery Life
The battery lasts approximately 4 to 5 days and can be charged without removing it from the wrist. Charging takes about two hours, and the straps can be easily replaced.

This product is for new subscribers only. If you own a previous WHOOP band and lost it, you must request a band directly from the official website. Purchasing this product will only give you a one-month subscription, not a one-year subscription.


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